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The card that gives

I love bookstores. I love buying books and placing them on my bookshelf. There’s something about creating a library in my home that makes me feel so good inside. Seriously I was elated to fill a bookshelf and realize it was maybe time to purchase another one. As I was adding the books on my bookshelf to my shelfari account, I realized I have spent more money on books than I’d care to admit. I also realized there are so many books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet. That’s much harder to admit. Recently I’ve thought about giving Stephenie Meyer’s, Twilight another chance, as I wasn’t into it at all the first time around. This time I promised I wouldn’t buy it because it probably would sit unread on my bookshelf anyway.  I took a trip to the library and borrowed it. Afterall I own more books than shoes. More bags that shoes. Probably more books than outfits. More books when I can easily borrow them and return them. I can basically request any book that I’d like to read and then return it in a few short weeks. Sheesh, I can’t do that with bags or shoes! Maybe it really is time for me to make the switch from bookstore to public library. Back to Twilight… the book was fantastic as I’m sure you all know. I could not put it down. What a terrific book. The suspense and relationship between Edward and Bella were electrifying. I am actually rushing through this post so I can open New Moon. It felt good to return one book today and replace it with another one. Maybe this is the secret to actually reading the books that come into my possession.