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I hope you enjoy all that I have to post. I seem to make frivolous new year’s resolutions each year, but this year I’ve decided to make a much more meaningful resolution: I want this new year to reflect all that I am. I want to go beyond the pounds that I wish to shed, and the house that I wish to keep cleaner, and make this year a time to grow and explore. Who says I can’t cook in a fantastic pair of pumps? Who says I can’t juggle it all? Who says I can’t be a glitzy mom? Who says I can’t encompass fashion on a budget? Who says I can’t become the writer that I’ve always wished to become? Who says I can’t make it through this last semester unscathed? Who says my two bedroom apartment can’t look fabulous with two active little boys running through it?
No one, really. So it’s time I understood that. This is my year.